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What’s New at Freckle: October 2017

Posted by Hannah Alvarez on October 31, 2017 at 12:48 PM

This October, you may have noticed a few exciting changes to you and your students’ Freckle experience! Here’s what has changed in the last month.

Sight Words

K-2 students will now see the option to explore Sight Words when they sign into their Freckle dashboard. Sight Words are a fun way for students to practice recognizing, reading, and spelling short words that they will frequently encounter in books and articles.

Breakdown of the word "and." Spelling "a-n-d." Use in a sentence: "Tam and Ken are sad." 

Additional instruction in Word Study

Students will now see a quick walk-through the first time they practice a Word Study level. This will set them up for success with the new words and sounds they’ll be practicing.

"Let's learn about the letter S and the letter T." Image of soup under S and a tent under T. 

Easily sign in as a student

Teachers will now see the option to sign in as a student in the top right corner of their dashboard. You can check out how an assignment will look to students and see what they will see.

Top of the teacher dashboard screen with "Sign in as a student" button 

Session completion screens

After students complete an article, a word study session, or a math practice session, they’ll see a screen summarizing their performance and progress. If the student earns a perfect score or completes a level, an extra special screen will appear!

 Cheerful screen with "Perfect score" banner. 100% correct. +50 coins. Bar showing level progress.

Select number of questions in Target Practice

Teachers now have the option to choose Mini Ticket (3 questions), Exit Ticket (5 questions), or Regular Practice (10 questions) in a targeted math practice assignment.

 "Pick number of tickets" with radio buttons to select 3, 5, or 10 questions

New Social Studies and Science units

There are eight new units for you and your students to try out! The Social Studies units are World War I, World War II, and Types of Government. The Science units are Light and Sound Waves, Processes that Shape the Earth, Structures and Functions of Organisms, Biodiversity in Earth’s Ecosystems, and Growth and Reproduction of Organisms.

new science units.png

Choose your own math system

If you’d like to use a different math system than your school’s automatic setting, you can change it at any time in the Settings under your name in your dashboard. You can choose between Common Core, Texas, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Florida standards.

 Teacher dashboard. Choose Settings under teacher name in top right. Dropdown to select math system in the center of screen.

New math standards report

Teachers can use this report to see how students have been doing on each standard. This can help you determine where to focus your teaching efforts and classroom time.

Breakdown of the standard for Visual Representations of data. Students grouped by accuracy: <50%, 50-80%, >80%. 

Word Study word preview

You can now see which words will be included in a Word Study level as you assign it.

Level on A sounds. Words included: ail, clap, date, fail, land, late, etc.

We hope you and your students enjoy the new updates. As always, don't forget to send us any feedback, questions, or ideas you may have! 

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