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What's New at Freckle: January 2018

Posted by Hannah Alvarez on January 31, 2018 at 3:18 PM

What's new at Front Row January.png

We hope 2018 is off to a great start for you and your students! In January, we've been focusing on several changes that will make your Freckle experience smoother without changing your workflow too much. In the meantime, we're cooking up some bigger improvements for future months, so stay posted for more exciting updates!

QR code sign-in on iPads

Students using iPads can now sign in to Freckle with QR codes! This will make signing in easier and faster for students. Teachers can find and print the QR codes in their Roster page by clicking on Class Options. 

 Animated gif showing selection of Class Options and Print Login Cards

Sort roster by first or last name

You can now choose whether to sort your class roster by first or last name. Just visit your Settings page to choose your preference.

Animated gif showing navigating to the Settings page and sorting students by first name

Easier sorting of Activity Feed

When you're viewing your Activity Feed, you can select the type of practice you'd like to view in each subject. Selecting "only" when you hover over a type of practice will deselect the others so you can focus on one at a time.

Math practice types—all selected


Search for a standard in Target Practice

When you're assigning a Targeted Practice session, you can now quickly search for the standard you want students to work on. Simply type your standard into the text box.

Typing a standard into the Select Standard textbox

Benchmark assessments with multiple standards

You can now include multiple standards when you assign a Math benchmark assessment in Freckle. Simply select the standards and domains you'd like to include when you create the assignment.

A list of domains and standards to choose from in the Benchmark Assignments screen

Administrator usage reports

School administrators will now see a new report in the school dashboard which shows Freckle usage by subject and by practice type.

Color-coded report showing usage in the last year

We hope these new features will help you and your students get even more out of Freckle. Please let us know if you have any feedback!

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