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Near or far, distance learning leveled up

Posted by Ryan Guerrero on September 23, 2020 at 2:04 PM


Freckle brings an improved student experience on mobile devices, making it even easier to practice. Teachers now see, in the moment, when students are practicing in Freckle to support distance learning. This month’s updates are intended to level up distance learning with Freckle.

Accessible, available

K-8 students can practice math anywhere with Freckle, no app required. An enhanced student experience makes completing Adaptive and Targeted Math Practice assignments on tablets and smartphones seamless. We’re working on bringing this experience to future subjects and grades.

Time practiced

Students now know if their time spent practicing on Freckle meets their teacher’s expectations. They can see a daily total on their homepage, allowing students to build accountability skills during distance learning.

K-2 homepage



3-5 homepage

3-5 Homepage


6+ homepage

6+homepage copy

Practice makes perfect

Students using Freckle for grades 3+ can practice any Targeted Math Practice assignment again if they score below 80%. The “Try Again” button appears on the summary screen after completing the assignment. Students can own their learning, further building toward proficiency. And teachers no longer need to reassign the same practice.



In the Activity Feed, teachers can see when students are actively practicing in Freckle. Knowing what and how students are learning is extra important during distance learning.


To ensure students are getting their Freckle practice in each day, teachers can now view the last login date from the Roster page too.


Answering the question, “What are students ready to learn?”

Teachers now see smart recommendations after Targeted Practice to guide them to the best follow-up action for each student. On the Assignments page, the Targeted Practice detail view has new color-coding to help teachers quickly see how students performed. On the same page, teachers can immediately assign the best follow-up action for each student.

answering-the-question copy

Stay focused

Focus is critical for teachers and students when prioritizing the skills each student is ready to learn. For teachers, the Math Standards page now indicates the level of mastery for every standard and supports filtering by Focus Skills: the most critical skills needed to close learning gaps. Read our latest blog on taking full advantage of Focus Skills in Freckle Math:

stay-focused copy

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback on these new features by contacting

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