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No matter the starting place, a pathway to learning

Posted by Ryan Guerrero on October 21, 2020 at 2:31 PM


Identifying student needs and giving both teachers and students a sense of direction is at the core of Freckle. Students have better ways to understand where they are in their learning in Freckle.

Progress made visible

Digital exhaustion for students in a remote learning environment can create barriers to learning, especially when it challenges motivation. K-8 students have a redesigned Adaptive Math interface that improves the way students see their progress. The K-5 interface has a new theme for each domain, while the grades 6+ interface has a sleeker appearance.

K-5 Adaptive Pathway

Students can see their growth and accomplishments during every independent Adaptive Practice session. The new user interface communicates which topics are complete and shows the level of proficiency on the current topic with an outer ring progress meter. Students are motivated to close their rings each time they practice.

6+ Adaptive Pathway

The interface now tells a student when they are performing above grade level in a domain and gives them an easy way to practice something else. This feature will encourage student accountability and ease teachers of the responsibility to tell students when to move on.

Planning ahead

Teachers are being called upon to make significant adjustments to their routines while remote teaching or in a hybrid model. Premium teachers are now given the option to create future assignments for all assignment types. This frees up teachers from constantly having to make new assignments throughout the week. 

Moving toward goals with focus

Premium Star-Freckle Math teachers have a new report, accessed within the Math Levels Report, that shows which Focus Skills each student has learned. This will help teachers combat learning loss more efficiently by providing a guide to navigate each student’s needs.

To learn more about how to utilize the Focus Skills feature in detail, please click here.

Watch at home

In-person classroom time is either limited or non-existent for many teachers during this time. This had made it especially difficult for science and social studies teachers who make use of the videos within Freckle. Now, teachers can copy a link that directs students to view the video on Freckle. 

When students click on the link, they’ll need to log in to Freckle and then they’ll be brought directly to the video! This allows students to view the videos they need without the hassle of having to download the video from a teacher. 

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback on these new features by contacting

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