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What's New at Freckle: October 2019

Posted by Hannah Alvarez on October 31, 2019 at 7:51 AM

Freckle Updates October 2019

The days are getting shorter, the air is getting cooler, and Freckle is getting better than ever! This month, we've introduced several exciting new features to help your students grow.

Grammar practice is here!

Grammar is an important piece of a student’s ELA skill set. We’ve taken everything you and your students love about Freckle—the differentiated levels, the just-right challenge, and the fun—and applied it to grammar practice.

Punctuation and capitalization skills practice is now available in the Freckle student dashboard under the ELA Skills section, which is visible by default to students in grades 2-8. The punctuation and capitalization domain focuses on 1st-6th grade level skills. We will be expanding to Kindergarten and 7th-8th grade skills in the near future.

Drag the missing punctuation into the sentence. "Ray _ s new car is so cool!"The skills and standards are aligned to Common Core and all of the other state standards covered through Freckle ELA.

Depth of Knowledge Challenges for Ratios & Proportions

Just finished wrapping up your Ratios & Proportions unit, or just getting ready to start? Your middle school students will now have access to more rigorous checks for understanding with our Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Challenges!

When students finish a level while practicing in the Ratio & Proportions domain, they will receive a DOK Challenge problem set—a multi-step problem that prompts conceptual thinking and application through a particular context—before moving onto the next level. Each set contains context, visuals and audio.
Question 1 of 4 in a DOK Challenge. Calculating the time it took runners to complete a race.Teachers can also assign DOK Challenges and view results in the Activity Feed and Assignment Report.

Updated first-time Freckle experience for new students

Now, when students in grades 3 and up log into Freckle for the very first time, they will be prompted to select an avatar and given 25 coins so they understand the rewards system. Additionally, they won’t be able to navigate around through the entire program until after they’ve completed their first session so that they won’t get distracted by too many options. 

Welcome to Freckle, V! Pick an avatar to start.This should help you get data on your students’ starting levels faster—and it will help students understand what Freckle is all about!

Conceptual videos for Geometry

Students can now view introductory videos that introduce the key concepts and vocabulary for a standard through a real-life situation. These are currently available for grade levels K-5 in the Geometry domain, with more to come in the future!

Conceptual video for Geometry

ELA Skills Practice assignment updates

You can now assign ELA Skills Practice for grades 1 and 2. Additionally, teachers using Freckle Premium can now schedule ELA Skills Practice assignments for the future. 

ELA skills practice assignment: Assign immediately or assign for the future.

Assignment filtering for shared students

Teachers with shared students can now filter the assignments page to show only their own assignments.

Assignments page with button to show my assignments only

Sharing students through Clever or Classlink

Teachers who use Freckle rostering through Clever or Classlink can now share students with other teachers with a click. The teacher receiving the students can then create a new class for them.

Sharing settings for Clever-managed rosters

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