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What's New at Freckle: October 2018

Posted by Hannah Alvarez on October 31, 2018 at 1:14 PM

What's new at Freckle October 2018

With the school season in full swing, we hope your students are already growing a lot, no matter what level they started at! This month, we've made some updates to the student and teacher Freckle dashboards to help foster a growth mindset and help students take ownership of their learning. Here's what's new from the month of October.

Student goal-setting

Students can now set a weekly accuracy goal for their practice in Freckle, and they'll see how much progress they've made toward their goal every day. At the end of the week, they'll earn coins for their hard work. Keep an eye out for more goals for students to choose from in the near future!

goal setting

The Freckle Challenge

The Freckle Challenge is a fun, motivating way for students to push themselves—and it's a way for Freckle to measure student growth and keep student levels as accurate as possible! Students who last took a math pre-test 2 or more months ago will be prompted to take the challenge when they start practice in a domain. Students will earn extra coins every time they answer a question correctly during the Challenge.

Freckle challenge in the student dashboard

Student rewards for retrying an article

If a student finishes an article at less than 80% accuracy, they will now get coins for reattempting it! There is a 7-day timeout during which they cannot retry an article so students will not simply memorize the answers to gain coins.

Students can see progress on ELA articles

Students will now see their progress on ELA articles in each category. For every article students complete at >80% accuracy, they'll see their green progress bar grow!

image (20)

A new ELA Fiction Skills domain

The new ELA Fiction Skills domain on Messages and Theme is now live! Students can practice identifying the overall theme of a brief story, summarizing the key events, determining the message or moral, and explaining how the author conveys the theme. These short fiction stories are adaptive, so students will practice at their own level and progress at their own pace. 

Fiction: Themes domain in the Freckle student dashboard 

Printables are now available in Spanish

Freckle's math Printables are adaptive worksheets that you can print out for students to work at their own level without needing to access a computer. These worksheets are now available in Spanish! Teachers often use Printables for homework assignments, so we hope this makes assignments more accessible for your students in Spanish-speaking households.

Spanish Printable worksheet for Kindergarten level student

Improved searching for Math and ELA standards

It's now easier for teachers to search or browse through the list of standards and skills in both Math and ELA from the Freckle teacher dashboard. Simply search for a keyword or scroll through your own state's set of standards and skills to find the perfect lesson for your students!

Search for a skill or standard. Explore standards by grade level and domain.

See your colleagues in Freckle

As a teacher, you can now see the other teachers who use Freckle at your school with the new School page! You can view each teacher's coin counts for their classes for today and all time. We hope you'll have fun sharing Freckle tips and tricks (and maybe a little friendly competition!) with your colleagues!

School page with 4 teachers and their coin totals

We hope you and your students will enjoy these updates!

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