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What's New at Freckle: May 2020

Posted by Ryan Guerrero on May 15, 2020 at 7:31 AM


As the school year nears end, we are continuing to make changes to Freckle with consideration to the new roles taken up by parents and teachers alike. This month’s updates are focused on facilitating distance learning and the unique challenges we all face with school closures.

Parent sign-up made easy

We know that parents have been given some added responsibility during school closures, and many have turned to Freckle as a learning tool. Yet signing up as a parent was sometimes cumbersome and included information mostly relevant to educators.

To help parents get started with Freckle right away, they are no longer required to visit the teacher dashboard during onboarding. 

Once a new user selects the role of a “Parent” they will simply select a state and add their child’s name.

Parent Signup

Increased roster management for teachers using Clever or Classlink

Teachers whose rosters are locked down by Clever or Classlink can now hide these classes to clear up clutter on their roster page. Hidden rosters are not lost forever and can still be found in a folder at the bottom of the rostering page.

Hide Feature Clever Rosters

A hidden class will no longer appear in students’ “Select a Class” screen.

Teachers using Clever or Classlink can now Create a Class and add existing students to that class, allowing them to rearrange or merge classes that come in unexpectedly from Clever or Classlink.

Preview Targeted Practice assignments

Teachers will be able to preview Targeted Practice assignments before assigning them to students. Freckle Premium users will be able to change individual questions.

The preview option is available when teachers select the number of questions for the assignment. Once users select the standard, skill(s), and number of questions, they'll be able to select a link that says "Show assignment preview." From the preview screen premium users can select the “Change” button next to the question. This selects a different question at the same skill. As often as we can, we will refresh the question stem so the new question is meaningfully different.

Preview Assn

Premium users can share assignments with Google Classroom

Teachers with premium accounts will now be able to use Google Classroom to share assignments with their class.  After creating any assignment in Freckle, there will be a button on the assignment to share that assignment with Google Classroom.

*Note that free teachers will not see this button.

Google Share

When a teacher clicks on the Google Classroom button, they will be prompted to log in and then will see the assignment creation flow in Google Classroom with relevant pieces already filled in.

Students will see this assignment in their Freckle account and their Google Classroom account. Clicking on the assignment through Google Classroom will bring them to the actual assignment and allow them to begin right away.

Just be sure that your Freckle rosters and Google Classroom rosters are identical.

“My Backpack” added to grades 3-5 and middle school students can now rewatch IBL videos

Grades 3-5 students will now find a "Done" tab on their assignments page, now named “My Backpack,” and middle schoolers are now able to rewatch IBL videos from their assignments tab. 

Here is a list of features now available inside the 3-5 “My Backpack”:

  • View completed self-selected practice sessions
  • View completed assignments 
  • View accuracy scores on completed assignments and self-selected practice
  • Retry Targeted Practice Math assignments
  • Review ELA, Science, and SS articles
  • Re-watch IBL videos

For more info take a look at our blog post about this update! 

Minor data update for administrators

Administrators can now see usage data for all schools they are associated with on the Usage Data report of the Administrator’s Dashboard.

Admin Usage data

This will aggregate data from all schools, just like the "All Schools" view in the Growth Data report.

We know that as more schools are using Freckle with distance learning, we wanted to help admins have a better understanding of the usage taking place across all of their schools.

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback on these new features by contacting

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