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Minimizing logistical hurdles for a seamless back to school

Posted by Ryan Guerrero on March 31, 2021 at 6:44 AM


2021-03-freckle-product-update-blog-headerThis month’s updates are brief, but they are significant in impact! The addition of extra administrative control to rosters improves the overall logistical experience and makes retrieving and maintaining usage and growth data simpler. Furthermore, there are two updates to the teacher dashboard that will reduce the time spent on organizing and planning.

Making sure the right teachers have Premium Freckle

Back to school tends to include many logistical hurdles for administrators and teachers alike. To reduce these hurdles, the administrative dashboard has been equipped with a new cleanup tool that allows admins to quickly unaffiliate email addresses from their school(s), unless they are provided from a single sign-on (SSO) source or an identity provider (IdP).

Image 1 March Blog 2021-cropped

This feature allows administrators to have more control over which teachers have access to Premium Freckle. More importantly, it simplifies roster cleanup, which ultimately improves the clarity of the Growth and Usage Reports. Having this feature before the end of the school year allows admins to run a cleanup if necessary, so they can procure critical school/district data with high fidelity.

In addition, this added feature impacts schools and districts new to Premium Freckle by allowing admins to decide whether they would like to start off on a “clean slate” or maintain student data from teachers who were using the free version of Freckle. Ultimately, this enhancement will improve the experience of new and current admins so that onboarding and data maintenance are easier each school year.

Roster management made easier

Last month’s blog featured the start of rostering improvements to the teacher dashboard. This month, that work has been completed with a few key additions.

Premium Freckle teachers can now view the source of their students and have more clarity around the state of their rosters from the teacher dashboard. Additionally, teachers can easily initiate merging students through the roster page itself, reducing a step.

Image 2 March Blog 2021-cropped

These changes not only make rostering easier, but they also provide important information about rostering sources so that teachers know who to reach out to if there are any issues.   

ELA standards improved with Focus Skills  

Many changes have come to ELA lately, and the addition of Focus Skills filtering from the ELA Standards page rounds out recent improvements.

Image 3 March Blog 2021-edited

Many teachers love the ability to prioritize Focus Skills in Math, and it’s important we enable teachers with this ability in ELA as well. ELA Focus Skills help focus teachers’ instruction on the essential skills needed to meet grade-level proficiency, which is especially important this year with learning loss and instructional time being so limited.  

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback on these new features by contacting

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