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What's New at Freckle: March 2019

Posted by Hannah Alvarez on March 27, 2019 at 1:30 PM

What's new at Freckle March 2019

Spring has sprung, and Freckle is blooming with new updates to help your students grow this month! Check out everything that's new in your Freckle account from the month of March.

New ELA standards report

With the ELA Performance by Standard Report, you now have more data than ever on how your students are performing on each ELA standard. You can filter the data by strand, grade, or practice type.

It's easy to see at a glance how your class is doing on each standard—and where you may need to spend additional instructional time.

Teachers who use Freckle Premium can also drill down to individual student performance, reassign practice in each standard with the click of a button, and view data from the past year.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 2.57.30 PM 

Fables genre

Your students now have access to a new fiction genre: Fables! These stories focus on characters learning an important lesson, and they are available for reading levels up to 5C (end of 5th grade level).

Just like all Freckle articles, each Fables story comes in multiple reading levels, and students will receive the version that’s just right for their own level. 

Students can find the Fables at their own level in the ELA Library section of their student dashboards, or you can assign a Fable from your teacher dashboard.

Fables section of the K-2 dashboard. Four fable stories with animal characters.  

Decodables are now in a linear progression

To help K-1 students practice reading at the right level, Decodables now appear in a progression, one book at a time.

Students can unlock new books as they grow. To unlock the next book, students must get 100% on the questions two times. They can read the previous two books they have unlocked, but they will no longer be able to continually reread Decodables at a much lower level than their current level.

Decodables progression starting with book 1, "S and T", followed by four books that are currently locked. 

Conceptual videos for Measurement and Data

Conceptual videos are now available in all standards of the Measurement and Data domain. Students will now see these short, animated videos instead of the help videos they used to see when they answer a question incorrectly twice.

We hope this will give you some additional instructional support and help your students grasp the mathematical concepts in this domain.

Message that appears after the question is answered incorrectly twice: "Sorry Michelle, try again. Need some help?" With a video explaining how to read an analog clock. 

Shorter Word Study for lower levels

Word Study sessions for levels 1-58 are now a little shorter to make usage easier for younger students. Students practicing at these levels will only see one sorting activity in their practice session, and they will not have a long review component.

Hints for the Fractions domain

Now, when students answer a question incorrectly while practicing in Fractions, they will see a brief instructional hint that reminds them how to arrive at the correct answer.

"Here's a hint. When subtracting fractions, only subtract the numerators. The denominator stays the same. 2/3 - 1/3 = 1/3. You can only subtract fractions if they have the same denominator."  

Number Facts in Spanish

The Number Facts practice mode for K-2 is now available in Spanish! If you choose Spanish as a student’s primary language, that student will receive Spanish text and audio when practicing Number Facts. You can change a student’s primary language in the Roster page of your teacher dashboard.

A screen in Number Facts in Spanish. "Practica. Nivel 1: Sumas hasta 5." 

Assignments for multiple classes

You can now create a single assignment for multiple classes in your teacher dashboard. Simply select each class you’d like to include, and then create your assignment as usual. We hope this saves some extra time for those of you with several classes!

Three classes to choose from with checkboxes. Two are selected. 

Student class selection

When students in multiple classes log into Freckle, they will be prompted to select the class they are currently in. This prevents students from having to remember multiple class codes, and it will make logging in a little faster so students can get straight to work in Freckle.

 "Welcome, Miles! Which class are you practicing in right now?" with four classes to choose from.

ELA Growth Report for administrators

School administrators now have access to growth reports for ELA. This will make it easy for administrators to view student progress in ELA at the school level and help teachers identify ways to help students grow. Administrators can find these reports in the Freckle admin dashboard.

Overview & Growth screen in the school administrator dashboard with several growth report views 

We hope these updates will help each of your students grow and shine!

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