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What's New at Freckle: January 2020

Posted by Hannah Alvarez on January 30, 2020 at 7:11 AM

Freckle Updates January 2020

It's a new year, and we're excited to share some new Freckle updates with you!

This year, we're going to be focusing heavily on improving Freckle for middle school students. You'll start to see new features that give middle school students more agency over their own learning with Freckle and make life easier for middle school teachers!

Of course, we aren't forgetting about our other students and teachers—we're also focusing on making Freckle easier to use and more insightful to help you differentiate learning for all of your students.

Piggy Store updates

The Piggy Store is now easier for students to navigate so they can make the most of their time using their rewards in Freckle! Items are now organized into tabs, so it's easier to find specific items. We've also made it easier for students to distinguish between the items they already own, the items they can purchase, and the items they can’t afford yet. 

Piggy store updates

Tracking options for middle school students

Students in grades 6 and up now have access to a few new features to help them monitor their own progress in Freckle.

First is the time tracker, which students will see on the home screen of their student dashboard. This allows students to see how much time they spent in Math and ELA each day (rounded to the nearest 5 minutes).

My Practice Time for middle school

Next is the revamped assignment tracker page, which gives students a clear view of their new assignments, their completed assignments, and their accuracy on each one.

My Tracker for middle school

Refreshed Middle School adaptive math pathway

Students in grades 6 and up will now see a new, horizontal view of their adaptive pathway in each math domain. This new look is more age-appropriate and helps students understand their progress.

MS adaptive math

Improved Math Standards page

The Math Standards page in the teacher dashboard is now clearer and easier to use. For each standard, all available assignment types are easy to view and assign with a click. This will help teachers understand everything they can do in Freckle with that standard and choose the right resource for their needs. 

Math standards page

Fractions are now available in Fact Practice

7th through 12th grade students will now see Fractions questions when they use Fact Practice. Teachers can assign Fractions to their students regardless of the student’s grade level, and this won’t affect the operations they see in future self-assigned Fact Practice sessions. 

Fractions in Fact Practice

Customizable assignment names

Teachers can now customize the name of their assignments. After creating an assignment, you will see an option to edit the title of that assignment. Students will see this new title reflected on their assignment log as well. This will help add clarity for teachers who create a lot of assignments or who have multiple classes.

Customize assingment title

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback on these new features by contacting

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