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What's New at Freckle: February 2020

Posted by Hannah Alvarez on February 27, 2020 at 10:40 AM

Freckle Updates February 2020

This month, we've been focused on improving Freckle for older students, adding more content for all students to practice, and making small changes that will make Freckle easier for students to use so they can focus on learning. Here's what's new this month!

Major middle school improvements!

Freckle is now better than ever for middle schoolers. Students in grades 6 and up will now see a more grown-up student dashboard, new avatars, an in-depth tracker so they can monitor their own progress, and more.

MS student dashboardWe designed the new middle school experience to help older students take ownership of their own growth in Freckle—and to keep them engaged with age-appropriate rewards.

Read all about these exciting middle school upgrades here!

Updates to the student math interface

Math practice in Freckle has a few updates to help students focus on solving problems correctly. The sidebar and answer buttons are clearer and easier to use, and backgrounds have been removed so students can focus on the question at hand.

Students now have the ability to use the spacebar to enter mixed numbers in math practice. Both improper fractions (21/4) and mixed numbers (5 1/4) will be accepted as correct answers in Freckle math practice.

Students also receive visual feedback when they answer a multiple-choice question incorrectly to help guide them to the correct response.

visual feedback in math

New Depth of Knowledge Challenges

DOK Challenges are now available for the Statistics & Probability domain. These multi-part questions are available to students when they complete a level. They challenge students to apply their knowledge of standards to a more in-depth problem-solving scenario. The real-world topics for these problems include archery competitions, genetic probability, Ancient Egyptian archaeology, and more!


Expanded Freckle Grammar content

Freckle Grammar now includes Kindergarten and 7th grade-level content.

Note: by default, Grammar practice is only visible in 2nd grade and older students’ dashboards. Teachers using Freckle Premium can allow their younger students to access Grammar practice by toggling ELA Skills Practice on in their students’ dashboard settings.

Also in Grammar practice, students will now be shown the right answer if they answer incorrectly after 3 attempts.

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback on these new features by contacting

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