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Manage, track, assign with confidence

Posted by Ryan Guerrero on December 2, 2020 at 5:55 AM


Freckle provides teachers an efficient way to create and manage assignments that they can trust students will complete. Newly added features ensure that students stay on track with assignments and get the practice they need.

Beaconing assignments

Following up with students who need to complete assignments can be tiring and time consuming. To minimize direct intervention by teachers, Freckle now reminds students of outstanding assignments each time they sign on or exit the Piggy Store. 

This change is especially relevant for teachers who continue to teach in remote environments where direct student access is limited. Now, teachers can create assignments and be confident that their students will know where to go and what needs to be done. 

Assignment management

In line with the changes made for students, Freckle upgraded how teachers manage assignments. These changes improve the experience for teachers who want to take advantage of all Freckle has to offer. Teachers who want to use Freckle as an assignment and homework resource can do so with increased visibility into “older” assignments, easier ways to remove several assignments at once, and the ability to edit assignment dates after creation.

In addition to the added assignment management tools, teachers will now see students’ best scores and how many attempts they made on Math Targeted Practice assignments.

With these upgrades, Freckle can better serve teachers as a flexible tool that fits the many needs of educators and students alike. If you’re already using Freckle as a practice tool or are looking for an assignment management tool, then Freckle is the perfect resource to use for assignments at home or at school.

Fact Practice anywhere

Fact Practice has been added to the practice modes that are fully mobile responsive. This allows students to complete an independent Fact Practice session or Fact Practice assignment from their teacher on the go when computer resources are limited.

Administrative insight

The end of the current school term is nearing, and Premium Administrators might be utilizing the data in their dashboards to look at school progress. In order to improve administrative insights and ensure that the data collected has the best integrity, Freckle has made rostering data more visible. Administrators are able to see rostering source summaries as well as search teachers, students, and courses with ease. Administrators are now able to better understand how rostering might be impacting data and hone in on a specific teacher account if necessary.

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