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What's New at Freckle: April 2020

Posted by Hannah Alvarez on April 16, 2020 at 2:44 PM

Freckle Updates April 2020

With schools closed across the country, we understand that it's a unique new challenge for students and teachers to learn and teach from home. This month, we’ve rolled out several new updates to make distance learning a little easier for you and your students. 

Unlimited assignments for all Freckle users

The most frequent request we heard from teachers when schools began closing was to unlock unlimited assignments on the free version of Freckle. 

To help those educators, students, and parents in this new situation, we’ve removed the assignment limitations for all users until June 30, 2020.

Teachers and parents using Freckle’s free version can now assign as much practice to their students as they want—including both math and ELA content. Social Studies and Science article assignments are also unlimited, though some articles and activities are still only available to Freckle Premium customers.

As always, all students can use Freckle’s self-guided features to access the full range of adaptive math & ELA practice.

Support for distance learning

With students learning from home, families need to be able to access Freckle easily. We’ve created a Freckle at Home Guide in English and in Spanish to support parents as they help their students practice in Freckle.

Teachers and parents can also access two free videos of our popular Inquiry Based Lessons for math practice. Teachers can choose to use the videos as an additional resource while they assign the lessons, or they can simply have students watch the videos and follow along on their own. 

Access the video lessons here:

New Math and ELA Overview pages in the teacher dashboard

Teachers will now see a new, streamlined overview of math and ELA activities in the teacher dashboard. This should make it easier to see what types of assignable activities are available, and it should help teachers find the perfect activity for their students more quickly.

math overview page

Additionally, it's now easier to see the assignment types that are available at each standard on the ELA Standards page. Teachers can jump straight from a standard to the ELA Library to see which texts are available to assign.

Grammar practice is now assignable

Teachers can now assign Adaptive Grammar practice to their students. To assign grammar practice, navigate to your Assignments page and assign ELA Skills in your teacher dashboard. After selecting students and clicking the “adaptive” button, you can choose the “L (Language)” strand. 

Assigning grammar practice in the teacher dashboard. Strand: Language. Domain: Capitalization & Punctuation

New Piggy Store items

Students now have access to several adorable new rewards to express themselves and celebrate their growth in Freckle!

New Piggy Store items for grades K-5

New Piggy Store items for grades 6+

Minor math interface updates for students

When students are practicing Adaptive and Targeted math, they will now always see the hint button on the math sidebar for all questions that have an associated hint. Previously, students only saw this button after getting a question wrong.

While practicing math, students now see the same set of tools to help them solve the problem on the screen across all domains. This will make Freckle Math more consistent and easier to use for students.

Middle school student goal progress

Students in grades 6-12 will now see goals to work toward on their adaptive math pathway.  Every time a student in these grades masters a grade level’s worth of material, they will see that they have “leveled up” one grade and can collect a coin reward in return. We hope this helps students take ownership of their progress in Freckle and strive to reach new goals.

level up in middle school practice

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback on these new features by contacting

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