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What's New at Freckle: April 2019

Posted by Hannah Alvarez on April 24, 2019 at 7:38 AM

What's new at Freckle April 2019

Can you believe it's nearly the end of the school year? Your students have grown so much since last fall, and they wouldn't be where they are today without you. We hope you are proud of the hard work you've put in to help your students grow this year!

To help you make it through the remaining few weeks of the year, we've introduced a few improvements to your Freckle account. Enjoy!

Assignments page for grades 7-12

Older students are now able to see their new and completed assignments (up to one month old) when they go to their Assignments page in Freckle. They will be able to see their score on previous assignments, and they can retry their Targeted Math Practice assignments.

We hope this encourages your students to take ownership of their learning!

My Tracker. 4 assignments: 1 completed, 1 in progress, 2 new.

Ohio math standards alignment 

Freckle now supports the Ohio Learning Standards math system.

To update your math system, visit the Settings page in your teacher dashboard and select your state’s standards.

Settings page of teacher dashboard. Product Settings: Math System: Ohio Learning Standards.

Audio support for K-2 dashboard 

The K-2 dashboard now has audio for buttons, pop-ups, and other elements of the page to help younger students navigate more easily. 

ELA, Math, and From My Teacher boxes with audio buttons next to the labels 

Progress tracking on District Benchmark Assessments

Administrators who are conducting District Benchmark Assessments can now see student progress on those assessments.

 One class with 16 students. 4 have completed the assessment. Progress bar shows 4/16 complete. Administrator can see which students have not started, are in progress, and have completed.

We hope these updates keep your classrooms running smoothly for the remainder of the school year. As always, if you have any feedback, let us know at

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