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Need a TenMarks Replacement? Freckle Can Help.

Posted by Hannah Alvarez on April 2, 2018 at 2:03 PM

Updated June 20, 2019

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With TenMarks closing down soon, many teachers may be left searching for a TenMarks replacement for their classroom.

We know that TenMarks has helped many students and teachers over the years. (In fact, we know plenty of teachers who use both TenMarks and Freckle in the classroom!) Since TenMarks will no longer be available next school year, we want to help make your transition from TenMarks to Freckle as easy as possible.

Whether you're simply looking for another Math practice tool or you're interested in more subjects and resources, we think you're going to love Freckle's differentiation platform!

For teachers who only need a TenMarks replacement for Math

Freckle's Math tools give educators everything they need to reach each student at their own level in Math from grades K-9.

Freckle starts students out with a diagnostic pre-test to determine their starting level. From there, teachers can effortlessly deliver the perfect lesson to each student to give them an appropriate challenge and help them make progress.

Math assignment options in Freckle

Here's what you can do with Freckle Math:

  • Adaptive Practice: Students practice at their own level along a pathway in each domain. Teachers can instruct students to work in a specific domain or have students choose what to practice. Questions become more challenging as students make progress.Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 2.47.28 PM
  • Targeted Practice: Teachers can assign a specific standard for everyone to practice at the same level.
  • Fact Practice: Students rapidly practice operations at their own level.
  • Inquiry-Based Lessons: Teachers can have students apply critical thinking skills to practical, real-world math challenges. These lessons are perfect for small groups!
  • Constructed Response Questions: These algebra questions give older students an opportunity to approach a problem from multiple angles and develop their own answers without any suggestions.
  • Specialized math practice for K-2: K-2 students have their own kid-friendly math practice modes, with brighter, more visual interfaces and grade-appropriate content.A walkthrough of two problems in Number Facts for K-2
  • Benchmark Assessments: Educators can assign Benchmark Assessments throughout the year to get a snapshot of student performance in one or more standards.
  • Reporting for teachers and administrators: See how students are doing at a glance. With a full suite of reports at the individual, class, and school level, it's easy to target intervention and monitor student progress.Individual student report card

Freckle aligns with Common Core, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas standards, as well as a generic skills-based system for Math.

For teachers who are interested in replacing TenMarks with a complete differentiation platform

Freckle is far more than a math practice tool; it's a complete differentiation platform for all four core subjects!


Unlike TenMarks, Freckle offers an ELA product that includes more than just writing. Freckle ELA focuses on reading comprehension and includes a library of over 1,000 fiction and nonfiction articles, an adaptive skills practice mode, Word Study, and special K-2 practice modes.

Just like in Freckle Math, students start with a diagnostic pre-test to determine their current reading level. Every article is available in at least 5 different reading levels, so students are always reading at a level that's right for them.

A brief article on kimchi with reading comprehension questions in Front Row's ELA Skills Practice

Social Studies and Science

Additionally, Freckle offers a collection of completely differentiated Social Studies and Science units, including articles, activities, and other materials.

Freckle delivers the right version of each article to each student based on their current reading level. That way, everyone can participate in class discussions, projects, and activities, regardless of their reading level.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 3.35.40 PM

Reporting and data

Freckle's complete suite of reports makes it easy for teachers and administrators to monitor progress at the individual, class, and school level. Educators can see at a glance what students have been working on, how they're doing in each subject and standard, and where everyone is throughout the school year.

ELA reports in Freckle

Try Freckle as your TenMarks replacement

Freckle is currently used by over 700,000 teachers in all 50 states, and we're the only differentiation program to receive a 5-star teacher rating on the Common Sense website.

Freckle offers plans for teachers, schools, and districts. To see our plans, learn more, and get started using Freckle with your students, visit our plans page today!

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