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Survey Results: Teachers Are Incredible

Posted by Phil Sharp on May 4, 2017 at 4:47 PM

We recently surveyed 3,500 K-8 teachers and the results reminded us, yet again, of how amazing teachers are.

Let's dive into some of the data.

Every classroom has students at many different levels

  • Over 93% of teachers have students in their classrooms that aren’t performing at grade level.
  • 80% of teachers have students at least one grade level behind, 70% have students two grade levels behind, and over a third have students that are 3 grade levels behind.
  • 70% of teachers have students at least one grade level ahead.

These varying levels of performance within a single classroom create a daunting challenge for teachers. They must ensure they're reaching all of their students, but they often only have resources for their grade level.

Teachers work very long hours

To overcome this challenge, teachers have to work nights and weekends to find the perfect piece of content for each of their students.

In fact, of the teachers we surveyed:

  • 15% work more than 60 hours a week
  • 40% work between 50 and 60 hours a week
  • 40% work between 40-50 hours a week

Teachers spend their own money

In addition to their time, teachers are also using their own funds for their classrooms each year:

  • Nearly one third of teachers spend more than $500
  • Nearly two-thirds spend more than $300
  • 1 in 10 teachers spends over $1,000

Teachers deserve our help!

Educators are facing all of these challenges on their own and they deserve our help!

That's why, at Front Row, we're so passionate about providing teachers the resources and data they need to teach all of their students at the level that's best for them.

With Teacher Appreciation Week right around the corner, please take the time to say thank you to a teacher for all of their hard work. And, if you can, head on over to to support a classroom in need.

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