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Say Hello to Freckle's New ELA Fiction Stories!

Posted by Hannah Alvarez on September 4, 2018 at 10:38 AM

Freckle Fiction Stories

You asked, and now it’s here!

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the release of Freckle’s brand-new Fiction Stories in the ELA Article Library.

There are currently 75 stories in the library, and we will be adding many more over the coming weeks. We hope that these stories will make it easier for you to differentiate more of your ELA curriculum—and give your students an opportunity to explore their own interests at their own levels.

Fiction Stories genres

Why fiction stories?

Fiction is one of the most frequent requests we have received from teachers!

Students need to develop different skills when reading literature than they do when they're reading nonfiction, and these new short stories will allow teachers to give students authentic practice with both types of reading.

Are the fiction stories differentiated, just like the nonfiction articles?

Yes! Most stories are available in three different reading levels, and each of your students will read the version that’s appropriate for their own reading level. For example, a story might be available in a third, fourth, and fifth grade level.

This is a lower number of levels (and a smaller range of levels) per story than our non-fiction articles to ensure the stories are thematically on target for the right age range.

Students can find fiction stories in the ELA articles section of their Freckle student dashboard. Teachers can also create fiction assignments from the teacher dashboard by filtering the articles for "Fiction Stories Only" or choosing a specific genre.

assigning fiction stories

What’s included with these stories?

Five genres of fiction are represented: Science Fiction, Mystery, Historical Fiction, Realistic Fiction, and Fantasy. Many of the stories touch on social and emotional learning themes such as empathy, self-esteem, and inclusion.

ELA fiction story - Alejandro and Perrito

Each story assesses two literature standards with two reading comprehension questions per standard.

The Early Reader and 1st grade level stories have illustrations to keep younger readers engaged and help reinforce the content.

Where did these stories come from?

All Freckle fiction stories are 100% original texts. Our team of expert curriculum designers rigorously reviews each story for content, alignment to standards, and age appropriateness. We hope you and your students will love these all-new stories!

Any feedback?

We would love to hear your thoughts on Freckle’s fiction stories! Please send any feedback or ideas to

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