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5 Ways Teachers Can Save Time with Freckle's Reports

Posted by Hannah Alvarez on June 15, 2018 at 2:53 PM

Freckle reports

With Freckle's easy-to-use reports, you can see how your class is doing at a glance—without spending hours grading! Your reports empower you to measure growth, identify knowledge gaps, and target intervention faster than ever before.

Here are five common classroom scenarios in which your Freckle reports can save you a ton of time. Check out the videos for a walkthrough of how to use each report!

1. Preparing for a parent-teacher meeting

When you want to dive into an individual student's progress, your Math Report Cards and ELA Report cards are a major time-saver. Each of these reports gives you details on the student's current level, the progress they've made, and what they've been practicing. 

Walkthrough of Report Cards

2. Deciding where to focus your math instructional time

When you need to determine which standards your class is struggling with, check out your Performance by Standard report. It's super easy to spot areas where your class needs additional instruction, and you can assign extra practice with the click of a button!

Walkthrough of the Performance by Standard report

3. Sorting students into groups for class work

Whether you're assigning a small group project or dividing the class up for centers, you can easily sort students into small groups based on skill level with your Freckle Class Grouping Reports.

With your Math Class Grouping Report, you can sort the class into same-level or mixed-level groups:

Walkthrough of Math Class Grouping Report

With your ELA Class Groups Report, you can sort your class by reading level or by individual skill proficiency:
Walkthrough of ELA Groups Report

4. Checking on every student's current level in Math

If you want a bird's-eye view of your entire class' current math levels, check out your Math Class Grouping report and click on the Matrix View. 
 Walkthrough of Matrix View

5. Tracking student growth over time

Freckle's Benchmark Assessments are a great way to get a snapshot of student knowledge at multiple points throughout the year. After your students have completed a Benchmark Assessment in either Math or ELA, you can visit your Assessment reports to check on student performance and growth.

Walkthrough of benchmark assessment reports

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