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Freckle is mobile friendly for middle school math students

Posted by Debbie Roberts on August 13, 2020 at 10:29 AM


We are excited to announce that Freckle Math for middle school (grades 6+) is mobile device compatible!

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Input from users highlighted various barriers present in remote learning, specifically student access to devices. It became clear that Freckle needed to be compatible with mobile and tablet devices for this coming academic year in order to support students who may only have a mobile device available.

We think middle school students are going to have a positive experience with Freckle Math as the user experience for completing math assignments and practicing adaptive math content has been completely enhanced.

We’ll continue to improve the mobile experience over the coming months, focusing next on elementary school math. In fact, our K-5 students can already practice Freckle's math adaptive, math targeted and math assessments on mobile devices now. We are excited to provide greater access to those who only have a mobile device available!

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