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New Features Just for Your K-2 Students

Posted by Hannah Alvarez on October 13, 2017 at 2:08 PM

K-2 announcement.png

Freckle has just gotten a whole lot better for K-2 students and teachers! It’s now easier than ever for younger students to sign in to Freckle and start practicing foundational math and ELA skills at their own level.

Take a look at these new changes to Freckle for grades K-2, and give them a try in your classroom!

1. A redesigned K-2 student dashboard

When students sign into FrontRow, they’ll be greeted with a bright, kid-friendly interface that requires no prior reading or computer experience to use.

k-2 dashboard.png 

Students can choose one of the four practice modes: Number Facts, Word Study, Decodables, or Sight Words. They can also visit the menu at the bottom of the screen to get to the Math and ELA sections or check out any assignments you’ve given them.

2. Number Facts

Number Facts is the perfect way to introduce students to foundational math skills!


Students will be guided through simple math problems, collecting fruit to add to a cake. The math problems are read aloud, so no reading is required.

3. Decodables

With these fun, age-appropriate short stories, your students will practice recognizing and reading words with similar sounds.


There are 30 different stories that your students can read on their own or as a group. Each story focuses on specific letter sounds and combinations, such as the long A and short A, or words ending in -ng.

4. Sight Words

Sight Words helps students practice recognizing, reading, and spelling short words that they will frequently encounter in books and articles.

sight words.gif

These brief, fun exercises give students the sound, spelling, and context of the word and build confidence in reading skills!

5. QR code sign-in

It’s now easier than ever for students to log in to their Freckle dashboards. With QR codes, students don’t need to type in their name and class code to get into Freckle.


Simply click “Print login cards” under “Class options” in your Roster, print, and pass the cards out to your students!


Note: QR codes don't work with iOS yet, so if your class uses iPads, please have students sign in the old way for now, and stay tuned for an update!

Give the new K-2 features a try!

We hope you and your students will love these improvements.

Don’t forget—you still have access to math assignments and K-2 level articles, as well. You can assign practice in your teacher dashboard, and students can always access those activities at the bottom of their student dashboard.

Go ahead and sign in or create a free account to start using Freckle for K-2 today!

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