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How Schools Are Differentiating Instruction with Freckle

Posted by Hannah Alvarez on May 15, 2018 at 1:42 PM

How Schools Are Differentiating Instruction

Freckle’s differentiation platform can be used in many different ways. Here are four stories from teachers and administrators on how they’re using Freckle to reach every student at their own level!

Sara Collins: Using Freckle throughout a district

sara collinsSara was formerly the Blended Learning Coordinator at Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of New York. After piloting Freckle with a few classes, she quickly saw how much her teachers and students loved the program, so she rolled it out to more schools in the district! Now, 30 schools in the district use Freckle for ELA, Math, and Science.

Sara and the principals in her district heavily relied on Freckle’s reports to track progress and target intervention with students. She loved that Freckle empowers teachers to see how their students are doing at the individual and class level so they can easily make decisions for their classrooms.

To get all of the teachers in the district up to speed with the platform, Sara coordinated a professional development training day where teachers got to dive into Freckle together and explore the reports, assignments, and other tools. Then, Sara sent a weekly email newsletter to her staff to keep everyone up to date with what was happening in Freckle!

Ashley Biagi: Hosting better class discussions with Freckle

Ashley BiagiAshley is a 5th grade ELA teacher at Bill Hefner Elementary School in North Carolina. She uses Freckle ELA articles frequently in her classroom, and one of her favorite activities is hosting Socratic Seminars. In these whole-class, formal discussions, students ask each other open-ended questions about a text. Socratic Seminars are a great way to promote critical thinking, cooperative work, and respectful discussion practices.

With Freckle, every student reads the same material at their own level. While some students may be reading a 7th grade level version of the article and others are reading a 3rd grade level version, everyone is able to understand the content. No one is left out of the discussion because they didn’t understand the reading.

Ashley loves that it’s fast and easy to prepare for a Socratic Seminar using Freckle’s differentiated articles, and her class enjoys the exciting discussions!

Jill Jaskolski: Diving deep with Inquiry Based Learning

Jill Jaskolski-1Jill is a 3rd grade teacher at Allen Elementary in Aurora, Illinois. She has a very diverse classroom with 23 students spanning math levels from 1st through 6th grade. To help students apply math skills to real-world challenges, she uses Freckle’s Inquiry Based Lessons in the classroom.

Inquiry Based Lessons (IBLs) provide students with an open-ended problem to solve using the math skills they’ve been practicing. Jill splits her class into small groups of mixed levels. This allows higher-level students to coach their lower-level peers as they work through the problem together.

Jill finds that it’s easy to assess students’ levels and group them instantly in her Freckle teacher dashboard. She can choose an IBL for any of the math standards she’s currently teaching. She has noticed that in addition to solidifying the math concepts in her students’ minds, the IBLs build collaboration, sharing, and communication skills in her classroom!

Tara Niederkorn: Using Freckle for Math Intervention

Tara NiederkornTara is the 6th-8th grade Math Interventionist at Grand Mesa Middle School in Grand Junction, Colorado. She has found Freckle to be extremely helpful at every stage of her intervention programs!

To start, Tara diagnoses her classes’ mathematical skill gaps using Freckle’s Benchmark Assessments. Once her class has completed the initial assessment, Tara can use Freckle’s reports to find data on individual and class performance for each standard.

Once Tara knows where her students need the most instruction, she can start to fill gaps with Targeted Assignments in Freckle. As her students continue to practice, she can easily monitor progress (and celebrate success!) by using her reports and assigning further Benchmark Assessments. She is proud of how much progress her students make with Freckle!

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You can hear the full story from each of these instructors and more by watching our “In My Classroom” and “In My District” webinar series!

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