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Hosting Your #inwiththepig Freckle PD

Posted by Ellie Krumpholz on August 16, 2018 at 2:39 PM
Ellie Krumpholz

Freckle PD

Back-to-School season is here, and we’re so excited that many educators are sharing their #inwiththepig spirit and strategies with their colleagues to begin the school year.

Are you interested in hosting a Freckle Professional Development training? This year, we’ve made it even easier to share Freckle with your staff, whether they’re new to Freckle or experienced users.

Here’s your list of ready-to-go Freckle resources:

Intro to Freckle Presentation

This presentation is perfect for newbies, as it provides a general overview of Freckle. It’s also a great refresher post-summer.

Pro tip: Show vs. tell! Use this deck as a segue into exploring the features that exist within the Freckle Teacher Dashboard. And don’t forget to share these flyers far and wide!

Back-to-School Trainings

Want to explore Freckle features in greater depth? We’ve got you covered! Check out the training videos below:

Pro tip: Want to boost the interactivity and fun-factor? Host a viewing party for several of your colleagues.

Freckle Updates

What’s more exciting than new Freckle features? And there are many! Share this presentation with more experienced Freckle users to enlighten them on our summer updates.

Pro tip: Read this blog post for the inside scoop, and consider wowing your colleagues with a full walkthrough of these features from your Teacher Dashboard.

Strategy Swap Session

Sharing classroom strategies is a key to success. New and experienced Freckle users alike can benefit from discussing Freckle best practices. Get the conversation started with this deck to illuminate the ingenuity of your fellow colleagues.

Pro tip: We’ve included a few blank slides towards the end. Customize this presentation to include some of your biggest classroom challenges to reveal valuable workarounds from your fellow educators.

Reflection and Work Planning

That’s a whole lot of learning and insight! Make it real by encouraging colleagues to take note of their main takeaways. We’ve created this reflection sheet to capture all of the brilliance.

Pro tip: Increase accountability by facilitating a short work planning session following your reflection. This will get staff thinking critically about how to apply their newfound Freckle knowledge in the classroom!

Additional Freckle Fun

Want to create your own presentation? Here’s a link to a folder featuring images of our much-celebrated avatars. Go wild!

Interested in creating a Freckle Classroom Board? You’re in luck! We’re compiled this free packet of resources to decorate your classroom board. And we’re hosting our annual contest. Learn more on our blog and submit a photo of your Freckle-themed board for a chance to win big!

Want to convince your admin to upgrade to Freckle School Edition? Make sure they see this one-pager about our research and have them check out these case studies.

Eager to rock a hot pink Freckle tee for your PD? Check out our Swag Store to complete your #inwiththepig look.

Any other materials or resources that would be helpful? Reach out to for additional information. We’re looking forward to the year ahead!

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