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Front Row Product Update: What's New From the Summer

Posted by Phil Sharp on August 21, 2017 at 3:41 PM

Welcome back to a new school year! 🎉

You're going to love the improvements we've made to Front Row over the summer! They'll make it easier for you to reach all of your students at their level.

Here's what you can look forward to inside Front Row this year...

Front Row Science!

You and your students now have access to 10 engaging science units that cover grades K-8! Each unit is aligned to NGSS and includes teacher guides, videos, articles, explorations, and design-engineering challenges.

Login to your account (or sign up) to see the new units.

Front Row Science Screenshot

A new website!

Check out the new design of our website at! We hope it makes it even more clear how passionate we are about helping you reach every student at their level.


Your students can track their own progress

Next time your students log in to Front Row, they’ll be able to easily track their own progress across Math, Word Study and Articles! Just have your students scroll down on their homepage and they'll see something like this:

Screenshot of student screen

Know how your students are performing across Front Row

With your new Activity Feed, you can see how your students are performing across Math, ELA, Social Studies and Science. You also get a quick overview of who is performing the best, who is practicing the most, and who could use your help.

Activity Feed Screenshot

Use Focus Mode to ensure your students complete their assignments first

If you're using Front Row School Edition or District Edition then you can now enable Focus Mode! When you turn on Focus Mode, your students will have to finish all of their assignments before they can practice anything on their own.

Here's how to turn Focus Mode on:

Focus Mode Screenshot

A few other quick updates:

  • See ELA performance with our new Report Cards - If you're using our School Edition or District Edition then you now have an easy-to-read ELA Report Card for each student. This lets you track their progress across both Articles and Word Study.
  • Your students can "Save and Quit" a Targeted Practice assignment - This is a change we made based on all of your feedback so please keep the great ideas coming!
  • More age-appropriate designs for your students - Your students will likely have a slightly different dashboard this year. Everything will be in the same place, it will just look more age appropriate. For example, your High School students won't see JT the Piggy everywhere. 😄
  • You can assign Word Study to your students - With Word Study, your students practice word patterns that help them learn to spell, read, and write. To assign it, log in to your account and click "Assign ELA".
  • Preview sample questions when assigning Math - Before you assign Targeted Math Practice to your students you can see a few example questions. Here's a screenshot.

Best of luck with the new school year and let us know if we can ever be of any help.

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