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Free Mini-Unit: Emotions and Self-Awareness

Posted by Hannah Alvarez on September 18, 2017 at 11:06 AM

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Welcome to Freckle's free unit on Emotions and Self-Awareness! 

This unit is for teachers who are looking for resources for Social and Emotional Learning—or any teachers who are looking to build strong social skills in their students and a strong classroom culture this year.

The unit is designed for grades 3-5, but it can be used with other age groups, depending on your students!

Download the whole unit

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In this unit, students will be introduced to the idea of emotions. They will practice identifying and recognizing emotions in themselves and in others, and accepting emotions—whether good or bad—to build a sense of self-awareness and self-reflection.

The unit explores these questions:

  • What are emotions and why are they important?
  • Where do emotions come from, and how do they work?
  • What do people say, do, think, and look like when they feel a certain way? Why is it important to recognize emotions in ourselves and other people?
  • How do different emotions make me feel? What kinds of emotions do I experience frequently?
  • What are comfortable and uncomfortable emotions? Why is it important to accept how we are feeling?
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These downloadable resources will help you guide your class through the five lessons.

Central Questions & Journal Prompts: Post these around your classroom and center students on the purpose of the activities, or use them to guide discussion as you go through the unit. Each lesson within the unit has one Central Question and one Journal Prompt.

Download now

Discussion Norms: Use these to set guidelines with your students on having conversations.

Download now

End of Unit Assessment: This assessment includes a self-assessment to help students gauge their self-awareness of emotions and a quiz for students to show their understanding of the content in the unit.

Download now

Keeping It Alive: This resource has ideas for bringing the skills and knowledge in this unit alive in your classroom so students can apply these skills throughout the year.

Download now

We hope you and your class will enjoy this free unit! At Freckle, we’re passionate about helping teachers reach every student at their own level. If you think other teachers will benefit from this free unit, then please share this post with them.

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