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Free Lesson to Try at Home: Products and Fractions, Day 2 [VIDEO]

Posted by Hannah Alvarez on April 8, 2020 at 10:35 AM

We are excited to share this new video series as a free resource to help during school closures. Parents and teachers can use this lesson to guide students through a real-world exploration of math concepts.

This lesson is part 2 of a 3-lesson series. Check out part 1 if you haven't already!

In the video below, students can practice along with one of our Freckle team members as she guides you through this lesson, in which students will multiply fractions to prepare recipes for The Super Sweets Showdown baking contest.

Alternatively, teachers and parents with Freckle accounts may assign this IBL directly to their students if they would rather lead the lesson instead of using the video.

The Lesson

In this real-world application of math concepts, students imagine they are competing in the Super Sweets Showdown. First, they must adjust their recipe to serve double the number of people. Preparing for 12 judges in Round 2, students realize they must halve their recipe. As if things could not get more confusing, in the Final Round, students must make 3/4 of the original recipe. To complete the lesson, students adjust several test recipes that feed 30 people to feed smaller groups.

This video includes Day 2 of the 3-day lesson, in which students will multiply fractions by whole numbers. (Don't forget to start with Day 1 if you haven't completed it yet!)

Free IBL Products and Fractions Day 2

When you're ready, you can move along to the third and final lesson in this series.

Assign this IBL in Freckle

Learn more about Freckle's Inquiry Based Lessons in Day 1 of this series

Where can we get more Inquiry Based Lessons?

Freckle includes Inquiry Based Lessons for every 1st-8th grade level math standard. Please note that the IBLs within Freckle include an introductory video, prompts, and worksheets, but not the video that you saw above.

Many of these IBLs are available on the free version of Freckle, which can be used by teachers and parents. All of the IBLs are available with Freckle Premium, which can be purchased by schools and districts.

We have one more video IBL available on the Freckle blog: Basic Multiplication.

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