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Free Lesson to Try at Home: Basic Multiplication, Day 1 [VIDEO]

Posted by Hannah Alvarez on March 30, 2020 at 2:11 PM

We are excited to share this new video series as a free resource to help during school closures. Parents and teachers can use this lesson to guide students through a real-world exploration of math concepts.

In the video below, students can practice along with one of our Freckle team members as she guides you through this lesson, in which students apply basic multiplication concepts as they explore civilizations in the past and present.

Alternatively, teachers and parents with Freckle accounts may assign this IBL directly to their students if they would rather lead the lesson instead of using the video.

Included here:

The Lesson

Traveling back in time to one of the earliest civilizations along the Nile River, students will help a young boy determine the amount of food his crops will produce. From there, students will travel to a modern shipping container as they learn about how interconnected the nations of the world are today. To finish the lesson, students will go on a trip with Grandma to visit various historical landmarks around the world.

This video includes Day 1 of the 3-day lesson, in which students will relate arrays to multiplication and interpret products of whole numbers.


When you're done with this lesson, you can move along to part 2 of this 3-part series!

What are Freckle's Inquiry Based Lessons?

Freckle's Inquiry Based Lessons (IBLs) give students an opportunity to apply math knowledge to real-world scenarios. They are the perfect answer to math students' common question, "When am I ever going to use this in real life?" They include several different activities spread out over 2-3 days.

The IBLs available in Freckle include all of the materials teachers and parents need to guide students through the activities, just like in the video.

Who is this lesson for?

This lesson covers basic multiplication and is suitable for 3rd-grade level practice or review. Students do not need to have Freckle accounts already; you can watch the entire video and follow along right here!

How do we use this video lesson?

Teachers can use this video as a ready-built lesson and simply send the link to parents and students. If your class is still meeting online, you may want to watch the recording together or discuss the activities together virtually.

Alternatively, you can skip the video altogether and teach the IBL on your own with your class virtually. You can find this and the other IBLs at any time in the math section of your teacher dashboard.

Parents can watch along with the video and guide students through the lesson or simply have students watch and work independently.

Where can we get more Inquiry Based Lessons?

Freckle includes Inquiry Based Lessons for every 1st-8th grade level math standard. Please note that the IBLs within Freckle include an introductory video, prompts, and worksheets, but not the video that you saw above.

Many of these IBLs are available on the free version of Freckle, which can be used by teachers and parents. All of the IBLs are available with Freckle Premium, which can be purchased by schools and districts.

How can I sign up for Freckle?

Teachers, sign up here to create your free Freckle account.

Parents, if you want to create a Freckle account so your child can practice at home, start here before creating a teacher account!

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