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Freckle's Back to School Basics

Posted by Ellie Krumpholz on August 6, 2018 at 4:05 PM
Ellie Krumpholz

Back to School

Welcome back, educators! 

This year you'll be able to easily reach every student at their level with the help of Freckle.

Whether you’re just getting started with Freckle or you’re simply getting back into the swing of things, we’ve created this how-to guide specifically for YOU.

In this guide, we'll cover some of the questions that are probably on your mind as you're getting started for the year with Freckle.

How Do I Create a Free Freckle Account?

Creating a Freckle account is completely FREE and takes less than 23 seconds (yes, we actually timed it!). To get started, visit, and you’ll be ready to go in no time!

Create your FREE account

How Do I Add My Students to a Roster?

Now that you’ve created your free account, it’s time to add your students to your Freckle roster. Even though it’s quick-and-easy, here’s a short video to walk you through everything.

Watch the video

How Do I Share Students?

Sharing students is simple with Freckle! With the click of a button, you can grant co-teachers and coaches access to your students, both within or across schools. This means that everyone views the same exact student data - including adaptive levels, assignments, and performance - to more precisely tailor instruction. Here’s how you can share your students with a colleague.

Watch the video

How Do I Transfer Students?

If you used Freckle last year, you probably have an existing roster of students that you need to transfer to their new teacher. Good news! Freckle automatically bumps-up student grade levels at the beginning of the school year to save you the hassle. Rest assured, student learning levels will remain unchanged so that every student will continue to get material at the level that’s best for them.

All that’s left for you to do is transfer last year’s roster to the appropriate teacher. In doing so, all student data will carry over, from diagnostic pre-test results to adaptive levels and highly-coveted coins. We call that a win for your fellow teachers and a win for students! Check out this short video to transfer your students now.

Watch the video

How Do Students Get Started?

Once students have signed-in to Freckle, they can begin practicing immediately.

When your students login, they can choose different areas of Math to practice and we'll automatically start them off with a pre-test to place them at the right level.

Same goes for ELA! Your students will have access to our robust library of nonfiction articles and we'll automatically start them off with a reading pre-test so they're getting articles at the perfect level for them.

This video illustrates how easy it is for your students to get started.

Watch the video

How Do I View Student Pre-Test Results?

Goodbye, guesswork! You can view the pre-test results for your entire class in an easy-to-digest report.

For Math, you’ll see the exact standard that each student has been placed at by domain, and ELA will provide insight on student reading and word study level. Ready to review your students’ results? Let this short video be your guide.

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How Do I Reset Student Pre-Tests?

You’ve reviewed your student pre-test results, but maybe something seems a bit off. After all, everyone has their bad days…stressed, distracted, hangry (yes, it’s a real thing ;) Whatever the reason, it’s no problem! You can reset pre-tests for specific students, which will prompt them to take it again. Voila! Once completed, your student will be placed at a new adaptive level. Watch this quick tutorial to walk you through the process.

Watch the video

How Do I Learn More?

We’re so excited to kickoff a new school year with you! To learn more about how to use Freckle to drive student success, join us for an upcoming webinar here.

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