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Freckle is Now Better Than Ever for Middle School Students

Posted by Hannah Alvarez on February 13, 2020 at 5:30 PM

As students grow older, it’s important for them to develop responsibility for their own growth and achievement. Developmentally, middle school students are ready to track their progress and own more of their academic journey. They can also be tough to engage—adolescents still have limits to their attention spans, and they want to know why tasks are valuable before committing to them.

That’s why we’re introducing several exciting new updates to the Freckle experience for students in grades 6 and up!

In middle school, students are taking more control of their own learning path. In Freckle, they’ll find support, guidance, and age-appropriate challenges that build their confidence and power their growth. They'll notice that Freckle is now more visually mature and more suited to their age level.

Here are the updates that your middle school and high school students will see!

Updated student dashboard for upper grades

We've redesigned the student dashboard for grades 6 and up to help your older students feel empowered, independent, capable, and focused! The new, more mature Freckle dashboard distinguishes the experience from the elementary school interface, keeps students focused on progress toward their goals, and helps them decide what to practice next.

MS student dashboard

New adaptive Math Practice experience

On the Math Pathway, a motivating visual layout highlights student progress and celebrates growth toward grade-level targets. Within the practice mode, students will see a more focused interface and complex question types to push their thinking.
MS adaptive math

An age-appropriate rewards center

We’ve heard feedback that the elementary school Piggy Store experience was too juvenile for middle schoolers. To bring the rewards center up to age level, students in grades 6 and up can now select human avatars with a variety of free skin tones and hairstyles, as well as a more age-appropriate selection of items and backgrounds! 

MS Piggy Store

Updated Tracker page for assignments and practice

An expanded Tracker page helps 6-12th grade students manage their assignments and track how they did on recently completed practice. Students can track their mastery, growth, and assignment completion from one central location. Students can also see how much time they spent in Math and ELA each day (rounded to the nearest 5 minutes) and view their total time spent for the week. 

The Tracker enables students to hold themselves accountable for personal and teacher-directed goals.

My Tracker with Progress & Growth

Fractions in Fact Practice

7th through 12th graders now see Fractions questions in Fact Practice! This allows students to get rapid drilling and repetition of fractions operations. Teachers can also assign Fractions to their students regardless of the student’s grade level, and this won’t affect the operations they see in future self-assigned Fact Practice sessions.

Fractions in Fact Practice

The operations shown during self-assigned Fact Practice depend on the student’s rostered grade level (not their individual adaptive level) as follows: 

Fact Practice levels

More middle school content than ever before

There are tons of new questions in Freckle to keep your middle schoolers challenged and growing. We've added 874 new middle school math questions, including graphing questions and more. Depth of Knowledge Challenges are now available in the Statistics & Probability domain.

We're also constantly adding new middle school content to our ELA library so your students will never run out of exciting things to learn and practice in Freckle.

We hope that these updates will make Freckle feel more age-appropriate and engaging to your older students! We will continue to update and improve Freckle for middle schoolers throughout the year.

If you and your students have any feedback, please let us know by emailing

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