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Freckle Classroom Board Contest 2019 Winners!

Posted by Ellie Krumpholz on March 1, 2019 at 6:48 AM
Ellie Krumpholz

Classroom Board Contest Winners 2019Last month, we kicked off our annual Classroom Board Contest. Since then, over 90 teachers have created incredible Freckle-themed boards in their classrooms. Now that's #inwiththepig enthusiasm!

To marvel at each of these masterpieces, click here to view the Freckle Classroom Board Contest gallery

Each classroom board highlights goal-getters in a unique and delightful way. Several boards were meticulously crafted by our outstanding Freckle Fans, and others were adorably constructed by much tinier hands. While some boards call attention to top performers, others recognize determination and growth. Some boards aim to motivate through friendly competition, and others to foster teamwork and collaboration. But one thing's for certain: each Freckle board is bursting with love! 

And now, we are thrilled to announce the winners across the following 6 prize categories!

Popular Choice

This board collected the greatest number of peer votes.Popular Choice

The votes don't lie! This board collected a total of 251 votes from our #inwiththepig community. We love that it recognizes student achievement across multiple categories, while celebrating goal-getters!

Most Original 

This board is anything but boring.Most Original

It's the Year of the Pig, and this Freckle board makes us squeal with delight! We love that it calls attention to the character-building characteristics of the pig from the Chinese zodiac, while highlighting top performers, most improved, mentors, and of course, the Very Important Pig (V.I.P.)! 

Curriculum Cheer

This board made our curriculum team smile from ear to ear.Curriculum Cheer

This board captured the eyes (and hearts) of our Curriculum Team! Clearly creative in its visual effect, the team loves that this classroom board showcases student usage and growth in an encouraging and scaffolded way. 

CEO Shoutout

This board earned the official endorsement of our CEO.CEO Shoutout

This board stole the show for our CEO! Sidharth especially appreciates the illumination of individual focus areas in this fun, colorful manner to inspire students to learn, grow, and make progress toward their goals each week.

Freckle Fanatic

This board screams #inwiththepig.5c6ebd9407ac6-IMG_1353

This board is burnin' up! Here, #inwiththepig pride is displayed school-wide. Not only does this board recognize achievement, accuracy and effort, but it does so across grade levels, creating a commitment to learning.

A-Team Award

This board features a most impressive Ambassador entry.A-Team Award

Freckle fun is for EVERYONE! This Ambassador allowed her students to collectively create a meaningful class board, featuring their Freckle avatars. We love the emphasis on teamwork and inclusivity, and of course, this heartwarming piggy poem:

"We are the Freckle Fans and we are here to say we like doing Freckle every day!

Thank you to everyone who created a Freckle board!

We are continually awe-inspired by your creativity, and we are so grateful for your unrelenting passion and dedication.

Do you want to create a Freckle classroom board of your own? Download this packet of free goodies. We hope you'll share what you come up with!


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