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Focus on critical skills with Freckle Math

Posted by Ryan Guerrero on October 13, 2020 at 7:06 AM


This school year, many teachers continue to teach in remote environments that require time-consuming adjustments to lesson plans. Students are adjusting to extended screen time and learning outside of the classroom. Now more than ever, teachers need to be able to provide efficient, motivational, and targeted lessons to their students.

Our latest Freckle release aims to give both teachers and students time back by focusing on the most critical skills students need in math. Freckle Premium teachers can save time by assigning critical grade-level math standards and skills using Focus Skills, available within Targeted Practice assignments. In addition, students with Star Math scores have a new Focus Skills practice mode. This practice mode identifies learning gaps and personalizes practice focused on specific skill sets.

Visit to learn more about Focus Skills.


Focus Skills unpacked

Using recent Freckle and Star Math student data, Freckle identifies a student’s strengths, areas for growth and prompts the student to work on the most foundational Focus Skill.

  1. Eligible students see a new tile labeled "Focus Skills" on their Math Practice menu. 
    Math Practice Selection
  2. From there, students can begin a short session in the recommended Focus Skill.
    FS Briefing Single
  3. If a student struggles, their next practice session adapts by incorporating prerequisite skills. The student then works towards proficiency.
    Mastered Skill-1
  4. The next time the student clicks on the Focus Skills tile, Freckle will prompt them to practice a new Focus Skill to fill in their next learning gap. Students who practice frequently will continue to fill in their learning gaps until they are proficient in all of the Focus Skills for their grade.
  5. Students who have reached proficiency in all grade level Focus Skills can review past skills.
    FS Briefing

Focus Skills report

Freckle Premium teachers with Star Math integrated gain insight into Focus Skills through a report that specifically tracks student proficiency within those core skills. The report helps teachers combat learning gaps more efficiently and allows teachers to utilize Star scores to shape the students learning goals within Freckle. The new report can be accessed from the Math Levels report.


Once teachers click into the report, they can immediately see how close each student is to the “finish line.” This will help teachers determine how much practice is needed before a student reaches proficiency.


By clicking on an element in the grid, teachers can see the details of a focus skill and access more resources.


The report is color-coded for quick identification of the skills students placed out by Star, mastered in Freckle and their current level.


If you have Freckle Premium, give Focus Skills a try! Want to learn more about Freckle Premium and how Focus Skills can help students grow? Request a personal demonstration.

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