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Emotions and Self-Awareness Unit Lesson 3: Recognizing Emotions

Posted by Hannah Alvarez on September 18, 2017 at 11:05 AM

Emotions and Self-Awareness Recognizing Emotions.png

This is the third lesson in Front Row's free unit on Emotions and Self-Awareness. You can find all of the resources you need to help student learn to recognize different emotions in this post, and you can check out the entire unit here!

Lesson Objectives: Students will learn to recognize emotions and the effects of emotions in themselves and in others based on facial expressions, body language, verbal cues, etc.

Central Question: What do people say, do, think, and look like when they feel a certain way? Why is it important to recognize emotions in ourselves and other people?

Journal Prompt: Think about the last 24 hours. What are all the emotions you felt? What are all the emotions you saw in other people? What did you and the others look like, say, and do when you felt that way?

Day 1 Activity: Emotions Charades. 20 minutes.

Students will play charades with the Feelings Cards made at the beginning of the unit.

 Download now

Day 2 Activity: T-Charts for Feelings. 20 minutes.

Students will make T-Charts to describe what happens when people feel certain emotions.

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