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5 Features Teachers Love about Freckle School Edition

Posted by Hannah Alvarez on September 10, 2018 at 1:03 PM

5 Features Teachers Love about Freckle School Edition

If you’ve been using Freckle’s Free Edition, you may be surprised to learn that there’s even more you can do to differentiate instruction for each of your students with Freckle School Edition! Here are the top 5 School Edition features that teachers can't live without.

1. Advanced reports

With School Edition, teachers gain access to all student data, so they can measure growth over time throughout the entire year, not just performance in the last week. Teachers who use Freckle frequently in class love being able to track progress at both the class level and the student level.

“I am teaching a pilot class this year for Algebra Support, and needed something that would not only help me group students, but also be able to show growth, needs, and continually assess students at their own levels. I can easily print or access reports for my admins as they are keeping close tabs on this group of students.” - Rebecca H., Teacher

Performance by standard report

Teachers can rely on Freckle's reports to help them make classroom decisions, identify knowledge gaps in the class, target intervention with individual students, and deliver the perfect lesson that will help their students grow.

“The reports provide immediate results in any domain or on any assignment. I know how well students are performing and I can share the results with parents. I can also assign tasks to either accelerate student progress or provide additional practice for those struggling students.” - Sonja L., Teacher

2. Unlimited assignments

There’s no limit to the number of assignments a teacher can have open at a time with School Edition! Teachers can even choose to schedule Targeted Math Practice assignments for a date in the future, so they can create multiple days' assignments all at once.

Teachers who like to plan ahead love using this feature to create assignments that correspond with their lesson plan for the week or month.

"The thing that our teachers find most powerful about Freckle is the ability to assign particular standards to particular students based on their performance." - Mike S., Principal

3. Focus Mode

Teachers who use School Edition can choose to activate Focus Mode, which requires students to complete their assignments before moving on to practicing on their own. This is great for teachers who want students to stick to practicing in specific standards, especially when they’re preparing for an assessment!

4. The full set of Inquiry Based Lessons

Freckle’s Inquiry Based math lessons are one of our favorite ways to help students explore math! In these 3-5 day lessons, students work together to apply their math knowledge and critical thinking skills to fun, real-world challenges. These are a great way to move students beyond the “When am I ever going to use this in real life?” mindset and help them grasp the practical application of math standards.

Inquiry Based Lessons

While many Inquiry Based Lessons (IBLs) are available on the free version of Freckle, School Edition includes over 180 IBLs so you can always choose the perfect lesson for your class!

“We want our kids to be ready to tackle anything when they leave these walls. Freckle’s Inquiry Based Lessons really help with problem solving." - Brett E., Principal

5. Complete Social Studies and Science units

Freckle offers a wide range of Social Studies and Science resources, and with School Edition, teachers can use complete, ready-built units in their classrooms! These units include videos, differentiated articles, and activities for every lesson in the unit and require minimal prep time from the teacher.

The Social Studies units span grades K-12 and include World History, Economics, Geography, U.S. History, and more. The Science units range from K-8 and cover Energy, Chemical Reactions, Matter, Space Systems, and more.

Social Studies units 

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