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Preparing your Child for Success in College Starting at a Young Age

Posted by Annie Johansen on July 7, 2016 at 1:17 PM

Contributing Author: Marley Wertheimer

It’s never too early to encourage your child to start thinking about college! It is so crucial they know how important college is and that attending college is an achievable goal.

Talk about college

Discuss what your child may want to study and what careers they want to pursue. Encourage them to dream big! Another way to generate excitement about college is to visit local campuses, so your child can start picturing him or herself as a student.

Activities & Sports

imgresThere are a variety of benefits of keeping your child busy! By exposing them to many different sports and after school activities, they have the opportunity to start developing specialized skills. Studies show that participation in a team sport or activity increases time management, collaborative skills, and confidence. There also are specialized scholarships available to students who participate in sports and extracurricular activities!


Community Service


Encourage your child to participate in community organizations to develop a sense of responsibility and service. Community service is not only a great boost for college applications. If children begin volunteering at a young age, they might become a youth leader and make a real impact on the community.

Study Skills Support

Help your child develop strong study skills and habits from a young age. If you notice your child struggling, support them early on before the workload increases. Make sure they understand the importance of time management, organization and deadlines. Set aside a quiet place in your house for homework, help them develop routines and monitor work quality and results. It’s also important that your child read and learn about new concepts to enrich their knowledge of current events and diversify their perspective.

If there’s a specific subject area in which in your child is struggling, get them the help they need right away. For example in math, the online intervention program Front Row is a free and effective academic support tool, which can boost both your child’s confidence and success!


Even though it’s beneficial to remain involved and supportive in your child’s life, it’s important they are not too reliant on you. One tip is to help your child develop a schedule, and give him or her space to adjust that schedule as necessary.This will help ease the transition to the independent college lifestyle.

Partner with your Child’s School

The minimum graduation requirements are usually not quite enough to prepare your child for excellence in higher education. Work with your child’s school and help with their class choices and extracurricular activities. Remember that your child should take classes that are both interesting and challenging.

The expectation that your child will attend college should be present throughout their entire life. College is something kids should be excited about! Help make their college dream come true by following the helpful tips shared.



Marley Wertheimer currently teaches World Cultures at a Silver Oak High School – a Public Charter Montessori in the Bay Area. For undergrad, Marley attended Connecticut College where she studied Psych-based Human Relations and German studies. She earned her multiple subjects teaching credential at Cal State, East Bay in 2011. In 2015, she added her Montessori Secondary I&II Credential through the American Montessori Society. Then, in 2016, Marley completed her Masters of Education at Taft University. Her ongoing love of learning and sharing best practices with fellow educators continues. Marley is particularly passionate about social justice, engaging all types of learners, and fostering a welcoming classroom environment for students and families alike.

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