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Feature Friday: Word Study Matrix Report

Posted by Amy Klazkin on June 24, 2016 at 2:00 AM

Just 2 months ago, we launched Front Row Word Study (and we hope you’ve had an opportunity to check it out on the student side of the program*). Word Study is a systematic approach to spelling instruction aimed at helping students develop an understanding of common spelling patterns in the English language. Unlike arbitrary spelling words, Word Study presents students with groups of words that share similar sounds and spelling patterns. And, instead of having all students in class work on the same spelling words, students using Front Row Word Study practice words at their individual developmental spelling stage.

For this reason, it is incredibly important that teachers are able to track student progress through these spelling stages. The new ELA Word Study Matrix shows teachers both students' mastered word study levels as well as the current level at which each student is practicing. The report makes it easy to track progress over time (and share that information with parents and administrators), set tangible goals for students, and group students based on ability level for small group instruction.

Check out the ELA Word Study Matrix report on the left side of your Teacher Dashboard under “ELA Reports.” Happy Spelling!


*To access Front Row Word Study, have your students log in to Front Row and click on the "Reading" tab at the bottom of their dashboard. Then, have them click on the green Practice button, and from there, select Word Study. For more information on Word Study, click here.

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