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Teacher Appreciation Week: Best & Weirdest Teacher Gifts

Posted by Amy Klazkin on May 2, 2016 at 3:33 PM

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all of our amazing and dedicated teachers! We feel lucky to work with you every day and are constantly inspired by the work that you do. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

When I taught 3rd grade in Oakland, California, I loved getting pictures from my students, and admittedly, I've kept most of them, to this day, in a designated box at my house. There's something about being handed a picture drawn just for me that is truly special. And, honestly, nothing says “I love my teacher” like a pasta art/cat collage (one of my personal favorites over the years).

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 2.57.39 PM.png

We wanted to hear from our Front Row teachers and asked you all about the best -- and weirdest -- gifts you’ve received. The responses did not disappoint, and we received some truly touching and amusing responses!

With over 700 respondents, we found that a personalized thank you card is the most preferred gift from students, followed by a gift card and then a homemade craft. Fourth on the list was nothing, then a physical gift, like a coffee mug or picture frame. Rounding out the top teacher gifts was homemade food, which I can attest to -- my students and their families made some of the most amazing tamales I've ever eaten!

Below, we’ve included our 10 favorite and 10 weirdest gifts you shared with us. No matter what you receive this year, we hope you feel all of the love and appreciation you so deserve!


The Front Row Team


10 of the weirdest gifts teachers have received from their students:

  • “An empty Gatorade bottle with a gecko inside”
  • “Fake poo”
  • “A nose hair trimmer”
  • “A live bug. Omg.”
  • “A picture of a Christmas tree in a frame”
  • “A tee shirt with my photo transferred onto it”
  • “Enchiladas”
  • “Matching pajamas with a student”
  • “On my 50th birthday - 50 rolls of toilet paper”
  • “Toilet brush set”


10 of the best gifts teachers have received from their students:

  • “A bag with all the things I mention that I like while teaching”
  • “A booklet of student writing that began: Ms. B., I am who I am today because…”
  • “Gratitude from a parent for working with their child, in the form of a note to my administration.”
  • “Diet Coke and M&Ms”
  • “A laminated card that said a student was promising to work hard every day for the rest of her life”
  • “Books for my classroom library”
  • “A note that said of all the great things he'd miss about 3rd grade, he'd miss me the most. So sweet.”
  • “Spa gifts cards-- mani, pedi, massage, etc. Pampering!”
  • “A framed letter telling how much I meant to the student”
  • “Movie gift card, popcorn, and candy”

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