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Tackling Your Test Prep With Front Row

Posted by Talia Arbit on April 6, 2016 at 10:52 AM


Whether it’s SBAC, PARCC or another indecipherable acronym, testing is top of mind for teachers and students at this time of year. While teachers want their students to prepare for success on these assessments, they don’t want students to feel stressed or defeated during that preparation. Rather, they want students to feel motivated, engaged, and ready to succeed. Front Row can help!

5 reasons Front Row is a great test prep tool:

1. Front Row's differentiated practice helps reach all learners

On Front Row, both the math and ELA portions offer practice that automatically tailors itself to the ability level of each student. This ensures students practice the concepts in which they need the most help, something that differs from student to student. One of the easiest ways to differentiate practice on Front Row is through our printables feature. As long as your students have completed a diagnostic test on Front Row in a particular domain, this feature generates a personalized worksheet for each student with one click of the mouse.

2. Front Row reports can help teachers target their review

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 3.26.40 PMWe know you have limited time to review concepts with your students, and you want to ensure this review addresses the largest areas of need. That’s where Front Row’s reports come in handy! For example, our Analysis report helps teachers identify the standards in which the whole class is excelling or struggling with.

3. Students can gain key technology practice

On Front Row, students will practice many of the same skills they’ll use on the state tests. On the ELA side of Front Row, students will get practice selecting multiple correct answers. On our math side, students will practice with sorting questions similar to those seen on the SBAC/PARCC exams. Across the whole platform, students can practice with key typing skills and learn how to answer questions in a variety of technological formats, which will undoubtedly prepare them for the technological portion of the upcoming state tests.FrontRowstudents

4. Students are encouraged to review past skills

With our new star review feature, students will be motivated to go back and continue to practice with standards they’ve already mastered. This will motivate students to get that spiraled review that is so necessary for them to keep up their foundational knowledge. It will also ensure that students can revisit concepts they may have learned at the beginning of the year.

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5. We make practice fun!

Last but certainly not least, your students will want to practice on Front Row. We hear from teachers all the time that their students -- as young as kindergarten and as old as 12th grade -- love working on Front Row. And, with stars, coins, and a fully stocked Piggy Store, who could blame them?

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 5.57.48 PM.png

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