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Get parents on board with Front Row math!

Posted by Alex Kurilin on September 3, 2015 at 6:43 PM

Hey teachers! In preparation for the new school year, we’ve created Parent Packs to make it easy to get parents on board with Front Row! Simply print them out for parents to let them know how their students will be using Front Row to get powerful math practice. To access the Parent Pack, click the image below:

We’ve also made it super easy to provide parents with a code to login to Front Row’s Parent Portal so that they can see their student’s progress. Simply follow these instructions to print and add to the Parent Pack:
Go to your teacher dashboard here and click on “Manage Rosters” at the top left. Then, click the “Invite Parents” button

In the dialog box that pops up, simply click on “Print Parent Invitations”, and you can print each student’s unique parent passcode and add it to the Parent Pack!

You’re all set! Now it’s easier than ever for parents to get involved in their students’ math education!

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