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Prepare Your Roster for the New School Year - New Features in Front Row

Posted by Alex Kurilin on August 10, 2015 at 12:36 PM

You can now archive old students or transfer them to their new teachers

To start off the new school year, we’ve added some very useful tools to update your Front Row rosters! If your former students are staying at the same school and moving to a different teacher, you now have the ability to “transfer” those students to their new teachers’ rosters so they can keep all of their progress and coins from last school year. If your former students now attend a different school, you can “archive” them to delete them from your roster. Here’s how it works:

1. Click on the Manage Rosters button at the top of your screen

2. In the roster, select the students who are leaving your classroom

3. Once you have a group of students selected who will be going to the same teacher, click the Transfer button and select their teacher from the drop-down list. If the teacher is not on the list, select the “New Teacher” option to send them an invitation to create a Front Row account

If some of your former students will be attending a different school this year, you should archive them to clear your roster and save their data. Select the students who will be archived from your roster and click on the “Archive” button. You always have the option to undo the archive!

That’s it for transfer and archive. Leading a training for Front Row? Use the presentation here:

We want to make sure there is absolutely nothing stopping you from giving your students the best math education you can. If there’s anything we can improve, please drop us a line. 

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