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Our Free Adaptive Math App now has Middle School Content

Posted by Alex Kurilin on February 3, 2014 at 12:41 PM

Students can now practice 6th - 8th grade Geometry and Ratios & Proportional Relationships in Front Row! Just update the iPad app (Web app will be updated automatically) and tap the “Advanced Domains” button on the bottom right of the domain picker screen. 

We’re announcing the beginning of our rollout of Front Row for 6th through 8th grade - starting with Middle School Geometry and Ratios & Proportional relationships. Now, middle school students and advanced elementary school students can use Front Row to practice math! All teachers who have full access automatically get access to the new Middle School domains. All referred teachers will also automatically get access. 

The Geometry and Ratios & Proportional Relationships domains come with: 
- Over 5,000 Common Core Aligned Questions (Over 21,000 in all of Front Row now!)
- 241 Videos (Over 900 in all of Front Row now!) 
- Manipulatives to help your students with both domains 
- Standards based report cards for both domains 
- Still completely free (if you don’t have full access, contact us

We want to make sure there is absolutely nothing stopping you from giving your students the best math education you can. If there’s anything we can improve, please drop us a line. 

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