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Announcing Fractions Printables - One-click Individualized Fractions Practice

Posted by Alex Kurilin on January 21, 2014 at 7:06 PM

You can now create printables in the Fractions (NF) domain, in addition to printables for Base 10 (NBT). Individualized learning, no technology required. 

We’ve been hard at work writing thousands more questions for fractions - and we’re thrilled to announce you can now generate Fractions printables! 

The Front Row iPad app and Chrome app make individualized math practice a breeze in the classroom, and individualized math practice is now a breeze at home, too! Just select NF at the top of your dashboard, open the Printables tab, and click the Generate button. Within seconds you’ll have a separate targeted practice sheet for each student, with Common Core aligned questions based on individual student ability. 

As with everything else we do at Front Row, we hope this makes your life that much easier. If there’s anything we can improve, please drop us a line.

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