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Same blog, new home

Posted by Ryan Guerrero on June 1, 2021 at 2:01 PM


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Spring Growth & (Sum)mer Fun with Freckle

Posted by Ryan Guerrero on April 28, 2021 at 9:16 AM


The end of the school year is quickly approaching, and students and teachers alike are looking forward to summer. Before the break, though, many students will complete end-of-year testing to assess growth and identify academic proficiencies. Whether you are a teacher preparing your students for state testing or trying to end the year with a strong push, Freckle can provide targeted practice for your students to refine skills and standards. Even if you have not used Freckle this year, now is the right time to take advantage of key features designed to help your students learn efficiently. Best of all, this can even be done using the free version of Freckle!

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Minimizing logistical hurdles for a seamless back to school

Posted by Ryan Guerrero on March 31, 2021 at 6:44 AM


This month’s updates are brief, but they are significant in impact! The addition of extra administrative control to rosters improves the overall logistical experience and makes retrieving and maintaining usage and growth data simpler. Furthermore, there are two updates to the teacher dashboard that will reduce the time spent on organizing and planning.

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Teachers know best: Adjusting Freckle to your classroom

Posted by Ryan Guerrero on February 26, 2021 at 9:00 AM


The needs of students are dynamic, and teachers expertly navigate these ever-changing needs. It’s key that Freckle adjusts to align with each teacher’s scope, and Freckle’s recent enhancements help Freckle work the way each teacher needs. 

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Accessibility for students, teachers, and admins alike

Posted by Ryan Guerrero on January 22, 2021 at 9:40 AM

Challenges encourage growth and resilience, but they can be detrimental if given at the wrong time, without support, or if they are a barrier to functionality. Our most recent upgrades increase accessibility in several ways.

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