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Tips & Tricks: Hosting a Successful Front Row PD!

Posted by Michelle Lee on August 10, 2017 at 2:07 PM
Michelle Lee

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Many of you have told us you're sharing Front Row with your colleagues at the beginning of the new school year. We're SO excited to hear that :).

To make it as easy as possible for you to share Front Row, we've put together a quick list of Front Row PD resources you can use, as well as tips & tricks. Check them out!

Front Row PD resources, ready-to-go:

1. Here are slides you can use to provide a brief overview of the Front Row program. It's a great introduction for teachers who are new to Front Row, as well as a helpful refresher for everyone else.

Pro tip: These slides are in Google Slides format, but you can also export them to Powerpoint or PDF by going to "File --> Download-as."

2. Show off your favorite Front Row features! Just slot in slides with screenshots of the program into your presentation. We've already put together the slides for you; check out the student dashboard screenshots here and teacher dashboard screenshots here

Pro tip: You can use these slides to show the feature, and then sign into your teacher dashboard to show step-by-step directions for where to find them and how to use them!

3. At the end of your PD, use this worksheet to help your teachers reflect on the session, summarize their learnings and walk away with a Front Row action plan.

4. You can also share this "cheat sheet" that reminds them of the easy steps to get started on Front Row!

5. Here are Front Row flyers you can hand out after your PD. You can give a few to every teacher in case they want to share Front Row to other colleagues!

6. Are you making your own presentation? Here's a folder including Front Row logo images and Front Row piggy, fox, penguin, and hippo avatar image files for you to download!


Lastly, we've collected general presentation tips from pro teachers:

1. ALWAYS start your presentation by gauging who's in your audience. The more you can tailor the content to the folks in the room, the more effective you will be.

You can ask questions to your audience such as:

  • What grades do you teach?
  • What subjects do you teach?
  • Who in here has used Front Row before? Who is brand new to Front Row?
  • What are you most excited to learn about?

2. Show features IN the Front Row program as much as you can. Sign into your teacher dashboard and SHOW how you get to different reports, assignment pages, etc.

3. If you're hosting a session for brand new users, you can create a fake class roster and input the teachers into it. Then, have the teachers log in "as the student", take the pretests, and play around in the student product.

4. Encourage personal experience sharing, including bringing anecdotes from your own classroom AND asking others to share Front Row stories of their own with the group.

5. Try to leave at least 10 minutes at the end of your session for wrap-up.

  • Open Q&A
  • Reflections on key insights learned and "work-time" to start creating a Front Row action plan

*  *  *  *  *

Are there other materials or resources that would be helpful? We're here to help. Just email if you have any other ideas!

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